Maintenance Request

We are now using Appfolio for all Maintenance Requests, please go here to submit your maintenance request

Use This Form For Maintenance Requests

Please use this form non-emergencies during business hours (Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM). For emergencies AFTER business hours please call the phone numbers in the order listed: 310-654-9291 jose, 310-756-4029 ryan, David 310-963-2529  or 310-628-9744.

Description of Maintenance Issues

Click on the area(s) of concern and you will have a drop down menu to help you solve some simple maintenance problems. If after trying these simple procedures and they do not work, please submit a work order in the form below.

Kitchen Issues

1) Garbage Disposal

  • Have you tried pushing the red reset button on the bottom of the disposal? If not, please try now. Does the disposal work? If you have power does your disposal humm? If it humms then there is something stuck inside the disposal. If you are unable to remove the item that is stuck, you will require a service call with a service fee of $95.00. Please Submit Service Request Online with a description of the problem
  • Be advised that if the disposal is not repairable then you will be charged only an installation fee of $95.00 for the new disposal. How ever, be advised if it is determined that the tenant caused the breakage you will be responsible for the entire fee. (Disposal plus installation).

2) Leaking Kitchen Faucet

  • Submit Service Request – No Charge

3) Clogged Kitchen Sink

  • Disposal works but water comes up into sink when disposal turned on: (Submit Service Request Online – $95.00 SERVICE FEE).

4) Water Leaking Under Kitchen Sink

  • Submit Service Request Online – No Charge

5) Electric Outlet on Wall

  • Have you tired pushing the red reset button on outlet? Have you tried pushing the red reset button on the GFI plug?
  • Have you tried resetting breakers?*
  • Most electrical issues required – No Charge
  • If these procedures do not work please Submit Service Request Online

*If we go to your unit and we press the reset button on the outlet-plug, GFI outlet-plug or by flipping the breakers back and forth and this is cause of the issue, you will be charged $85.00 for that service call.

6) Stove

  • If the burners are not allowing gas to come out, you need to take a small pin and open clogged gas burner holes. Pull off gas burner and clean grease.
  • Other stove issues, Submit Service Request Online (No Charge)
  • If no gas is coming out of stove top burners ( white stove only) please light the pilot under the stove top ( click on link for video of how to do this:
  • please confirm your gas has been turned on from The Gas Company

7) Refrigerator

  • If the Refrigerator was brand new upon your move in ( please call office to find out) then you will get a 11 month guarantee from the manufacturer from your move in date (Stainless Steel refrigerators only). All other refrigerators you will have a 3 month guarantee from the date of move in.  After the 3 months if the refrigerator needs service it is a tenant’s responsibility.
  • Broken Handles – Submit Service Request (Minimum Charge $95.00)
  • If the refrigerator is not cooling then we recommend that you call your own technician to repair the refrigerator. If the refrigerator cannot be repaired, then the tenant may purchase a refrigerator  at their own expense or we will replace it with a used refrigerator for $40.00 additional per month.
  • We will guarantee the used refrigerator for one year and we will replace it at no charge to you if the refrigerator breaks down.
  • The tenant may also elect to buy their own refrigerator and take it with them upon vacating the unit.
  • If you need a mini refrigerator – the rental fee is $25.00/month. All other room size refrigerators the rental fee is $40.00 per month.

8) Dishwasher

  • Dishwasher Leaking – Submit Service Request Online (No Charge)
  • Dishwasher Not Working – Submit Service Request Online (No Charge)
  • Dishes have spots – Buy Jet Dri Liquid
  • If the inside bottom of dishwasher is full of water please check for food around the drain on bottom of machine and remove food.  Then run a cycle on the dishwasher

9) Microwave

  • Not Working at all – Submit Service Request Online (No Charge)
  • Broken Handles – Submit Service Request Online (Minimum Charge $95.00)

10) Light Bulbs

We do not replace light bulbs. Tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs.

Bathroom Issues

1) Shower Head Clogged

  • Please remove shower head and clean out the debris particles in the water that has built up inside shower head. This should take no more than FIVE minutes. If this does not work, Submit Service Request Online (No Charge).

2) Shower Handles

  • Handles are Leaking – Submit Service Request Online (No Charge)

3) Shower/Bath Divider Spout

  • Divertor is not changing the water from the tub spout to the shower head. Submit Service Request Online (No Charge).

4) Toilet Running

  • Submit Service Request Online (No Charge)

5) Toilet Seat Loose

  • Tighten with Screwdriver (Not a Part of Lease), if you want maintenance to  tighten or replace toilet seat the service charge will be $55.00 which includes a new toilet seat.  ( see video for how to tighten a toilet seat

6) Toilet Seat Broken

  • You would need to buy a new toilet seat and install. Our contract does not provide new toilet seats. This is a disposable item and tenant charge.

7) Bath Tub Clogged

  • Submit Service Request Online. Service call is $95.00

8) Bathroom Sink Clogged

  • Submit service Request Online ($95.00 Charge)

9) Bathroom Sink Plunger

  • Not Working? Submit Service Request (No Charge).

10) GFI Electric Outlet

  • Not Working? Push reset button and it should now work. If it does not, check  sub panel circuit breaker. If it still does not work, Submit Service Request Online (No Charge).  To check sub panel circuit breaker please watch this video )

11) Mildew in Bathroom or on Tub Walls

  • Take a 3:1 diluted concentration of bleach and clean walls monthly and wipe ceiling with mop to remove moisture build-up to reduce mildew. If you request us to do this, the charge is ($95.00). If after you do this three times and the mildew continues to reappear Submit Service Request Online for evaluation for other issues. If there is a water leak or mildew by the side of the tub please Submit Service Request Online (No charge).

12) Toilet Clogged

  • You can use a plunger. to unclog. Push the plunger straight down in a quick firm motion. You most likely will need to do this a number of times before the clog is removed. If you need a service call for a stopped up toilet, service charge is $95.00.

13) Peeling Paint in Bathroom

  • Submit Service Request Online (No Charge)

14) Light Bulbs

  • We do NOT replace bulbs. If you wish to have a bulb replaced the service fee is $55.00. Bulbs are a disposable item. If in the first three months a bulb burns out we will replace the bulb at no charge to you.

15) Bath Vent Fan not working

  • Submit Service Request Online.

Bedroom & Living Room Issues

1) Window Screens Broken

  • Submit Service Request Online ($75.00 Charge)

2) Smoke Detector

  • Beeping Noise: Install new 9-Volt battery or if you Submit Service Request Online – $40.00 Charge.

3) Air Conditioning

  • If your air conditioning is not blowing cold air please remove A/C filter and clean. You can view how to clean your air cond filter by clicking on this you tube video:     Then put the air conditioning filter back and test. If the air conditioning is still not cold please turn down the A/C so that the dial shows it is not as cold. If the A/C is too cold you can freeze the coils and then no cold air will blow.

4) Windows

  • Moisture is a common issue which creates mildew. This usually happens when it is cold outside and warm inside. This leads to condensation on the window. Please clean the moisture with a dry towel as often as needed to keep the window dry so that mildew does not build up.

Other Issues

Other Issues Not Listed Above?

If your issue is in the Living, Dining, Patio or any other area of your home, please fill out the form below. Please do not fill out this form if your issue is listed in one of the drop-downs above.

We are now using Appfolio for all Maintenance Requests, please go here to submit your maintenance request